Living with ADHD is a challenge that non-ADDers simply don’t understand. Years of falling short of expectations resulted in me believing I was stupid and lazy. You understood me from the very beginning and I know that had everything to do with why I benefit so much from coaching with you. With every session you deliver on your promise of creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment which I find essential for sorting through my issues. I have to say I am finally at peace with being imperfect and this change in my thinking has opened endless possibilities.
B.R., Teacher
Eran is nothing short of a productivity guru. While I don’t have ADHD (at least I don’t think), I certainly have had a lifetime of issues with organization and time management. I hired Eran to help me improve my personal productivity so I in turn could better run my business. I was shocked to find I was wasting at least an hour per day between social media, surfing the net, checking stock quotes, and other nonessential tasks. In addition, I was wasting on average another hour per day simply doing things inefficiently. As a direct result of working with Eran I easily have today at least a couple of more hours per day to do what I need to do to run my business. Eran’s approach simply works wonders and paid for itself multiple times over.
I.R., Entrepreneur
We wish to thank you for believing in Devon and inspiring him to become the student and young man he is today. Our son came to you with serious difficulties managing his transition to college. Your approach not only significantly improved Devon’s academics, but also his approach towards solving everyday problems and meeting his day-to-day obligations. Your discussions on the value of commitment and the importance of doing what one says they will do obviously resonated with Devon and he now has a much greater appreciation for following through on what he says. You cant even imagine how much we value that at home. Thank you for guiding Devon and ourselves through a very successful sophomore year in college. We so appreciate you!
D.W. & L.W., Parents
I look back in disbelief that cost almost resulted in me not hiring a coach. I say “disbelief” because I am very much aware of the value I got in return from hiring Eran. I run my own small business and it was obvious my business was not doing nearly as well as it could. Poor time management, little to no advance planning, procrastination, amongst other issues within my control were costing me real money in lost business and opportunities. I initially hired Eran to help me improve my productivity and efficiency but I had no idea I would become personally transformed in the process. It took little time for the coaching with Eran to literally pay for itself in vastly improved productivity and follow through in my business. However, the improved confidence in myself and dramatically reduced stress and overwhelm in my life and business is absolutely priceless and I owe that all to Eran.
P.W., Business Consultant
I really didn’t think I would get too much out of coaching since my life has been in a state of constant chaos for as long as I can remember. I was constantly forgetting important things I had to do and honestly, procrastinating more than anything else. However, you came highly recommended and I was willing to give it a chance and that was hands down the best decision I have ever made. Every step of the way I felt supported and today I feel so much more in control. Regularly completing my action plans has shown me I can do things I never believed I could do. I can actually plan for a busy day and meet all of my obligations. How cool is that!
H.L., Marketing Specialist
Thank you, Eran! I love our coaching sessions and the insights about myself that I walk away with. I have systems in place today that ACTUALLY WORK with my unpredictable nature and help me get so much more done! The constant swirling thoughts inside my head finally have a calm place to go to which means I am far less overwhelmed and much more in control. Thanks for getting me in a way where so few have before!
J.J., Artist
I have always respected you because you are not afraid to lead me to the places I need to go in order to understand myself better and grow. I used to be much more reactive and often paid a heavy price for it. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been easy and at times I resisted the process, but you knew how to get me back on track and focus on what I truly wanted even as I resisted. I appreciate you not quitting on me like so many others have.
D.K., Chiropractor
I want to thank you so much for helping me gain clarity and a deep understanding of the imbalance that was present in my life over the few months we worked together. While I knew I was unhappy and that things needed to change, I certainly had no idea where to begin. As a result of our work together I was not only able to understand how the decisions I was making were incongruent with my values, but I also began to make new decisions that have since given me so much happiness. You completely believed in me in a way, I am embarrassed to say, very few people ever had. You got me and understood why I was having so much difficulty striking a balance in my life. I am so grateful for finding you and the real change you helped me make.
L.S., Production Assistant
I want to tell you how much we appreciate the services that you provided to our son. As a student, he was overwhelmed by the challenges of going into his third year of high school. Carrying the load of mediocre to poor grades despite the hard work that he was putting in, put him in the position of not feeling only unsuccessful but also unable to have any control over his successes or failures. He was unable to see any light at the end of any tunnel. As parents, we knew that he had the ability to succeed and were baffled by what support we could provide outside of the school environment which would impact his success inside the school environment. As you can guess, this had a direct impact on our time together as a family and our frustration level as parents. Starting into the school year with your support made all the difference. The organizational strategies that you instructed made a big difference and continue to do so. The specific habits for test prep and test taking are a work in progress but were all very concrete and applicable to his needs. Your communication with us and also with his teachers at school created a circle of support that empowered him and helped him to realize the importance of communication with his teachers. Sharing your vision of the specific traits and strategies of a successful student have made an indelible impression and demystified the road to success and control. While school remains a challenge, his attitude has improved 100%, he is experiencing success weekly in improved scores and grades, and we are all able to look forward to the next stage of finishing high school and moving on to college. Knowing that you are available when the bumps or walls come up is re-assuring to all of us as well. I would be happy to recommend your services to other families. Thank you and best wishes.”
J.B., Parent