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Eran’s approach brought me immediate benefits and actionable recommendations that proved very powerful.  Having competed in sports for much of my life, I am well aware that if you want to maximize your potential, then you need a coach. No doubt, Eran is an authority when it comes to productivity and time management. He provided outstanding support and helped me develop strategies for ensuring that I easily identify and focus on my high impact projects.  Eran is an astute listener and it was obvious how much he cared and was invested in my success.  His feedback was always on-point and through the process he became a close and trusted advisor.

David Harris, Attorney

As a busy professional with complex work demands, I found my coaching experience with Eran Grayson so valuable. With the task of completing a book while doing my day job, Eran Grayson guided me to a new vision of how to organize my days. His disciplined approach to managing time and priorities helped me to not only finish my book but become a far more effective manager of my time.

Jay Conger, Professor of Leadership Studies

My work with Eran made me realize that my frequent engagement in busy work and allowing distractions to impact my productivity was really to avoid attacking the real issues my business was dealing with.  The reality was I was spending too much time on tasks that were easier to complete but resulted in little value. It took some time, but the supportive structure and accountability provided by Eran and the positive habits I have developed through the process have helped me make massive changes in the way I work and the results I obtain.  Eran is not only very knowledgeable in the area of productivity, but he also teaches and relays information in a manner that is accessible and designed for implementation.  If a busy professional wants to experience improved productivity while reducing stress then I can’t think of a better person to work with than Eran.

Ben Hoffman, Consultant

My coaching experience with Eran came at the right time in my career. I was very much overwhelmed by having too much to do and the approach I was using to get things done was not working.  Instead of focusing on simply being more efficient, Eran helped me focus on becoming more effective.  My new habits have released me to work on what’s important and I have calculated that the ROI from working with Eran is somewhere in the area of 500% – which is huge.  Being in control of my task flow instead of being controlled by it was nothing short of a game changer.

Luca Barbieri, Entrepreneur

I am an HR director and hired Eran to coach and support an executive who was underperforming after a promotion to a new position.  Eran did a fantastic job helping our executive identify and develop solutions to bottlenecks in her task management workflow,  prioritize her time, delegate more effectively, and anticipate potential issues before they ever turned into problems.  His coaching style is a perfect fit for any business professional who wants to perform at a higher level. I look forward to continue working with Eran and see his service as a tremendous asset to my organization!

Nancy Nguyen, Human Resources Director

Eran’s coaching helped me eliminate the chronic interruptions brought upon by inefficient email habits as well distractions from phone notifications, frequently checking news websites, and other unproductive internet surfing. I was having a hard time creating the change on my own and my distraction filled habits were costing me a tremendous amount of wasted time and money.  Through weekly accountability and excellent advice and feedback, I have learned to strengthen my ability to focus and establish new productive habits.  As a direct result of coaching with Eran, I am able to reclaim at least 2 more productive hours per day working the same amount of time as I have before!

Michael Lee, Consultant

I will be perfectly honest and say it took me a little while to understand your methodology of asking questions and looking into why my daughter’s homework was not getting done.  I hate to admit it now, but I simply thought my daughter was very lazy and had a lot of excuses for why things didn’t get done.  It seems so obvious now, but it turns out she just really didn’t know how to study and manage her school obligations.  You obviously understood my daughter’s difficulties much better than I did as she listened to you and put to use what you taught her.  The results speak for themselves as my daughter earned all As and Bs last semester instead of the Ds and Fs she did before her work with you.  THANK YOU!!!

Hal Cohen, Parent
My daughter needed help transitioning into her freshman year in college after a challenging end to her senior year in high school.  I was happy to see positive changes immediately after she started working with Eran to help with her schooling and living away from home for the first time. I was very impressed when she showed me her calendar with an entire semester’s deadlines already entered and a planning system she was using to keep track of her tasks.  I greatly appreciated the monthly review sessions Eran, my daughter, and I held as I was kept up to date on her progress and felt very much in touch with what was going on.  I believe Eran’s accountability program and action planning helped my daughter become much more independent as she had to learn to take personal ownership over her schooling and actions in a way she never had to before.  Having Eran support and mentor my daughter that first year in college was the best decision I made.
T. Vaughn, Parent
Eran single-handedly resolved the nightly fights and arguments that used to dominate our household around homework and school.  The strong trust he was able to develop with my 16-year-old son resulted in him being able to openly and calmly discuss school-related topics that would surely have caused explosive arguments if they would have been started by me.  My son and I actually have a relationship today because Eran is the point person for addressing academics issues.  The accountability that is built into his service is amazing as my son holds himself accountable to what he says he is going to do and the action plans they create leave no doubt as to what my son has actually agreed to doing.  I certainly could have benefited from working with Eran when I was growing up!
C. Lindley, Parent

We wish to thank you for believing in our son and inspiring him to become the student and young man he is today. Our son came to you with serious difficulties managing his transition to college. Your approach not only significantly improved our son’s grades, but also his approach towards solving everyday problems and meeting his day-to-day obligations. Your discussions on the value of commitment and the importance of doing what one says they will do obviously resonated with our son and he now has a much greater appreciation for following through on what he says. You cant even imagine how much we value that at home. Thank you for guiding our son and ourselves through a very successful sophomore year in college. We so appreciate you!

The Kaufmans, Parents

Starting off High School with your academic coaching has made a world of difference.  Our son is now an “A” student.  He is filled with a new sense of confidence and self-esteem.  Though still rather shy, reserved and quiet, we do see him peek out of that “ice man” persona. Thank you for your persistence, patience and understanding of our son.  Your nonjudgmental attitude and calm demeanor helped our son learn and reinforce the skills that you imparted upon him.  We recognize that he is a challenge and a tough nut to crack. Your endless “thinking outside of the box” work and strategy was noticed, appreciated, and effective.

S. Bailey, Parent